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    Pastor's page

    Dr. Tom Nolen provides spiritual leadership to the congregation of Northminster Presbyterian Church.

    Excerpts from his annual message to the congregation -

    This has been a busy year for Northminster.  We remain a small though loving fellowship who seek to know and serve our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, as made known to us through our conscience, worship and service to God.  Thanks to the on-going loyal leadership and daily attention to the interests and needs of the church, Northminster is able to thrive and remain.  It is a gift to serve with you and I thank God for you.

    The year of our Lord 2016 saw enormous change throughout the world!  In our City of Portland, and our state of Oregon, through out the country and indeed across the entire global village change unfolds with time.  Yet to many thoughtful people these days, the changes we are confronted with are challenging, frightening and worrisome.  Wars and rumors of wars are troubling.  Creation groans!  Whither is God?!

    Northminster has remained very much the same amidst the change and uncertainty all around us.  Together we seek to share love and discover the Spirit of Christ alive yet today, "wherever two or more are gathered."  This love calls us to hope and service.  The sixty-four thousand dollar questions is: "How shall we put our service into practice in the seasons to come?"

    The quiet, nagging, on-going question of the Church's relevancy in today's world lurks in the background.  The deeper issues to vision and purpose remain open for discussion, if we can only find the time and the energy to do that.  Finding and taking the time to become the church in the daily moment of our lives is our Lord's invitation to each one of us, yet today.

    St. Augustine once said, "if you look deep enough within the heart of any and every person you will discover a saint."  I believe that Northminster is full of saints, who live the faith.  You are the visible saints, as the Body of Christ.  The fact that the church remains with your faithful support is proof that God is not done with us yet!  And this brings me Hope!









         Pastor Tom was born and raised in Lansing, Michigan.  Following graduation from Albion College he attended Andover Newton Theological School, in the Boston area, where he earned the Master of Divinity in 1980 and the Doctor of Ministry in Pastoral Care and Counseling in 1985.  

         Tom was ordained in the Congregational Church in 1980.    He has served in the parish ministry throughout his career in solo and multiple staff churches.  


         The ministry took him from Boston to Wisconsin to California--north and south--and here to Oregon.  In addition to his service to Northminster Presbyterian Church, Tom serves with Kaiser Permanente as a Hospice and Palliative Care Chaplain.   He also provides teaching, counsel and leadership support to others in the community around end of life issues and needs.   

         Tom is married to Lisa Nolen, who serves at the OHSU Foundation   Together they have two fabulous daughters, Nina and Hannah.  Tom's hobbies include gardening, singing, poetry, book collecting and baking.