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We are so fortunate to have our North Portland Health Clinic available each Wednesday from 8:30 am to noon which offers a variety of services. Many folks take advantage of the free blood pressure check that is offered. Besides getting their "numbers" they have an opportunity to talk about other health issues with a Registered Nurse. The clinic is able to connect people to other resources that may be helpful for specific needs.

Have a hard time keeping those toenails trimmed, or have other foot care needs? The clinic has two Registered Nurses that provide foot care of all kinds including nail trimming. Appointments may be made by calling 503-310-9534 or 1-360-735-4941. There is a small cost based on ability to pay.

Maybe you are having back pain, or other aches and pains and you would like to try acupuncture. Carrie Crimin is both a Registered Nurse as well as a registered Acupuncturist who makes time from her own private practice to offer low cost services to the clinic visitors. She welcomes walk-ins and treats all kinds of needs.

Do you, or do you know of someone that would like some help with managing their health issues? Our Parish Nurse, Judy Hubbard is ready to help. The clinic provides friendly, compassionate care and is wheelchair accessible from the parking lot entrance on N. Atlantic Ave.

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